Our Team

Executive Management

Marcelo Rouco, CEO
Phone: 215-397-1048
Email: mrouco@ecosaveinc.com

Matt Dugan - President
Phone: 215-826-1102
Email: mdugan@ecosaveinc.com

Jack Clift - Vice President of Operations
Phone: 215-826-1141
Email: jclift@ecosaveinc.com


Joel Nace - Sales Engineer
Phone: 215-826-1151
Email: jnace@ecosaveinc.com

Lyle Gmoser - Sales Engineer
Phone: 215-826-1100
Email: lgmoser@ecosaveinc.com

Support / Project Management

Chris Koger - Certified Energy Engineer / LEED AP
Phone: 215-826-1181
Email: ckoger@ecosaveinc.com

Paul McIntyre, Project Manager
Phone: 215-826-1149
Email: pmcintyre@ecosaveinc.com

Harry Irrgang, Project Manager
Phone: 215-826-1148
Email: hirrgang@ecosaveinc.com

John Carey, Manager Central Engineering
Phone: 215-826-1152
Email: jcarey@ecosaveinc.com

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