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Corporate / Social Responsibility

Ecosave believes energy and water conservation helps the environment and community. As a company it actively pursues measures to conserve water and energy.

Ecosave understands that, no matter what the size of the action taken, the combination of efforts will make a substantial difference to the world in which our future generations will live.

  • Quality System

    Ecosave is committed to quality. In 2008 we achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification. This system provides the framework for developing, implementing, monitoring and reviewing our quality objectives to ensure continued improvement.

  • Safety

    Ecosave is serious about safety. We look after our staff, our subcontractors, the public and when on site, our clients. Thanks to rigorous internal Health, Safety and Environment policy, we have had no incidents or accidents over the past year.

  • Equal Opportunity

    Ecosave believes in equality. Our workforce is diverse, with 11 nationalities represented and, in an engineering dominated organisation, the number of women employed has more than tripled in the past year.

    We run a successful graduate training program and have now accelerated several young engineers from university graduate to experienced Project Engineer within two years.

  • Sustainability – our passion

    Ecosave is proud to walk the talk. We are a company founded on strong environmental ethics, reflected not only in the work we do, but also in our business practices.

    All of our fleet vehicles are rated five star by the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide and we offset the carbon generated from all of our flights.

    We recycle our office waste, and we always seek to reuse equipment – choosing lighting refurbishments over replacements where appropriate. When sourcing materials, we look for suppliers and products with environmental credentials so that our procurement is as sustainable as possible. And to minimise transport emissions and packaging waste, Ecosave schedules delivery of materials either directly to the client’s sites or in bulk to the Ecosave warehouse.

    In an effort to double the positive environmental impact of every project we deliver, Ecosave donates one Australian native seedling for EVERY tonne of CO2-e emission and kilolitre of water the project saves.

    In our offices we practice what we preach, installing the same solutions that we do for our customers, to minimise our consumption and reduce our bills.

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