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JFED Community Center

Jewish Federation reduces consumption and grid reliance with Ecosave cogeneration and energy efficiency projects

A community center in Southern New Jersey has taken its commitment to improving the environment while slashing operational costs to the next level with the completion of a Phase 2 project featuring onsite generation.

The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (JFED) serves members of the wider community through a variety of agencies, including the Katz Jewish Community Center, which together aim to support those in need while enhancing Jewish life locally and around the world. The Cherry Hill campus is comprised of a number of uses including athletic, educational, office, and event facilities.

Building on the success of the Phase 1 project where Ecosave installed efficient building upgrades to deliver energy savings under a shared savings model – the Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA) – JFED has once again partnered with Ecosave to find creative solutions for its most recent operational and financial objectives.

Faced with failing, end-of-life boiler equipment, Ecosave engineers saw an opportunity to complement the energy savings delivered under the Phase 1 ESA with an onsite combined heat and power plant (CHP). A new, state-of-the-art CHP plant was designed to generate electricity and provide hot water for space heating, domestic hot water, and pool heating while eliminating the need to replace failing boiler equipment. This new energy configuration has resulted in JFED cutting electricity consumption by 65% and drastically reducing reliance on the grid!

For a zero-dollar upfront capital outlay and no debt, JFED has received almost $2.7M in building upgrades and over $332k per year in operational savings. While in most cases the ESA is geared to deliver guaranteed savings in excess of the fee, JFED elected to have additional measures installed and was excited that the majority of their fee would be paid for out of savings while avoiding debt on their balance sheet.

Energy reduction and onsite generation measures implemented include:


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