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Industrial Packaging Company cuts costs with Ecosave funded energy consumption reduction upgrades

This leading, privately owned industrial packaging and resource recovery company operates over 100 sites across three continents.  Once its principals made the decision to change the company culture surrounding energy consumption, a goal to better manage its environmental impact and reduce costs was defined. The company engaged Ecosave to make its goal a reality.

The client was attracted to Ecosave’s Service Agreement model wherein Ecosave funds and installs plant upgrades, and is paid out of a portion of the guaranteed savings achieved. This off balance sheet funding model has the effect of reducing operating expenses while requiring no capital or debt from the client.

Ecosave was able to identify many areas which ultimately enabled the client to not only meet its environmental goals but to significantly cut its energy and maintenance costs – a vital byproduct of the energy conservation measures Ecosave implemented, and a benefit which continues to grow and be of more value as energy costs rise.  These improvements were not only pleasing to the company’s principals and employees, but also to its clients – who are increasingly choosing to work with environmentally conscious companies.

Energy conservation measures designed and implemented by Ecosave included:

The successful implementation of these energy conservations measures has delivered multiple dividends and benefits to the client, including:

The overall results of this company-wide goal and related energy saving initiatives were such a success that the client has engaged Ecosave to assess, upgrade systems and find savings in a number of other sites. These new energy efficiency projects are expected to include many of the energy conservation measures listed above, specifically tailored to meet the needs of each site.

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