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Energy Project Manager

New York, NY

Job Description

The Energy Project Manager works with our Efficiency Engineering team to deliver on proposed energy and water conservation measures within commercial and industrial sites. Peer review and teamwork are employed to deliver projects using a combination of engineering knowledge and experience, creative solutions, and thorough and comprehensive problem-solving abilities.

Position Responsibilities
• Maintain and develop project scope, schedule and budget; perform or assure that quality control is    accomplished for written deliverables. Be accountable for installation of all energy conservation          measures and solutions (25%)
• Manage selected subcontractors and suppliers to source, validate, and deliver energy and water           savings technologies and determine project schedules (25%)
• Communicate scientific and technical information to clients and/or internal audiences through oral   briefings, written documents, and formal meetings. Oversee and maintain project requirements for   ensuring health and safety of all assigned or involved (10%)
• With support from engineering team, commission all energy efficiency solutions (10%)
• Support the engineering team to develop efficiency solutions and sales proposals including the            technical approach, budgets, and schedules (10%)
• Provide technical leadership (5%)
• Grow existing relationships with clients (5%)
• Record and analyze necessary performance data to validate the predicted savings per IPMVP               standards, assist in developing the M&V Report (5%)
• Continuous professional development (5%)

Desired Skills and Abilities
• Analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills
• Demonstrate initiative
• Ability to work effectively across a large geographic and diverse customer portfolio
• Effective interpersonal skills to develop good working relationships
• Demonstrated flair for sourcing and implementing new technology, up-to-date knowledge of energy efficiency technologies
• Demonstrated performance in working with solution providers to provide energy/utility                       performance improvements in commercial, industrial and health facilities
• Building services knowledge such as mechanical & HVAC, Building Automation System, electrical   & lighting
• Advanced knowledge of mechanical and HVAC technologies and solutions
• Advanced knowledge of ASHRAE standards, energy modelling/best practice/codes (IESNA, NEC,     IBCetc.)
• Ability to travel and perform overnight and afterhours work on occasion when needed



• 5+ years experience
• 4-yr degree in electrical, mechanical, industrial or energy systems engineering
• One or more current technology and industry certifications (CEM, PMP, CMVP etc.)
• P.E certification preferred
• Advanced project management and computer skills
• Demonstrated experience in delivering energy upgrade projects and performance contracts
• Technical experience with energy efficiency technologies

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Ecosave is a multi-national and diverse energy efficiency company that reduces energy costs at midsized to larger commercial and industrial facilities and uses some of those guaranteed savings to upgrade or optimize a facility’s systems. We then overlay our world-class utility management and maintenance services to continually drive savings. We apply financial engineering concepts as creatively and as diversely as we do our energy engineering concepts, to provide truly innovative services.

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