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Energy Solutions Engineer-Services

Philadelphia, PA

Job Description

The EBA position is a multifaceted role focused on providing energy management services to a growing customer portfolio. Responsibilities include:

  1. Periodic identification, review, and presentation of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to existing customer portfolio
  2. Monthly bill auditing, consulting, and tenant billing services to high-profile customer

The successful candidate will also support the Services team in all phases related to the Measurement & Verification (M&V) of project savings, with prior experience using the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) a requirement of the role. The successful candidate is expected to take ownership of their critical service delivery function and perform the role with a high degree of professionalism, independence, integrity, and autonomy. Experience with HVAC systems, data analytics, and presenting to customers is a requirement of the role, and experience with SkySpark and other relevant software platforms is preferred.


Position Responsibilities                                                                                                                      
1. Understands the full range of Ecosave’s energy management offerings and their applications customer solutions.
2. Owns and manages tools and processes that ensure timely collection and accurate data entry of utility bills or other monitored consumption sources. Initiates actions and develops positive   customer relationships to support this activity.
3. Provides billing consulting services to customers.
4. Supports cross-functional teams in the deployment of the performance measurement   components of a bundled project.
5. Develops and maintains positive customer relationships during the construction and service phases of the project lifecycle.
6. Maintains excellent communication with project stakeholders to provide technical support in the creation and maintenance of large/complex M&V solutions.
7. Ability to successfully work with a customer staff to ensure operations and maintenance of assets/equipment are within contractual terms.
8. Proactively review and/or interpret problems or patterns related to anomalous equipment and system operation to limit risk, generate energy savings, and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
9. Solves issues and keeps the Service team updated and involved when need for corrective action is identified.
10. Assists team members in monitoring data gathering systems to track energy consumption during the installation and performance phases of the project lifecycle.
11. Develops customer baselines or benchmarks as needed.
12. Active in professional organizations. Participates in “added-value” customer and community events in support of their objectives.
13. Participates in transition meetings with Efficiency team to ensure project scope, objectives, timeline, and customer requirements have been achieved and the start of the performance period is properly documented.
14. Responsible for the creation and delivery of high quality / high value performance reports that convey added value and analysis of cost reduction to contract specifications and/or guarantees (IPMVP Options A, B, C, D and Stipulated Savings) to the client. Responsibilities include the structure, format and grammar of the reports.
15. Perform complex non-routine adjustments related to Ecosave’s diverse package of ECMs
16. Actively participates in internal release or renewal meetings, customer kick-off meetings, and on-going account meetings including customer touch point visits.
17. Ongoing creation and delivery of analytics reports to customers using in-house tools and modules.
18. Leads customer presentations as needed.
19. Owns and manages up-to-date archival records associated with multi-year projects.
20. Responsible for proactively generating internal risk management reporting as well as providing monthly backlog review information with management team.
21. Analyzing building automation system data and equipment-level trends to identify and report on deficiencies and energy-efficiency opportunities.
22. Perform tenant billing services and related subtasks including generation and review of tenant bills.
23. Independently manage billing review meetings with customer and/or 3rd party consultant.
24. Work collaboratively with development team to create rules and functions to better analyze building performance and improve the Ecosave Watch software platform.
25. Learn and utilize SkySpark software platform to perform various tasks related to data-analytics and reporting.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or other technical field
  2. 2 – 5 years of professional experience in the energy industry or related field
  3. Strong computer and analytical skills required.
  4. Demonstrated expertise in customer communication (both oral and written), customer satisfaction and team building.
  5. Possession or acquisition of Certified Energy Manager (CEM) & Certified Measurement &
  6. Verification Professional (CMVP) certificate are preferred.
  7. Successful track record as a responsible, self-starter who can handle multiple responsibilities and can work independently.
  8. Ability to learn and use different energy, facility, and equipment management systems.
  9. Strong command of the English language; spoken, written, and presentational forms.
  10. Strong command of Excel, Word, Adobe, Outlook, PowerPoint, and other relevant business software.


To apply for this position please forward your cover letter and resume to

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