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Energy Solutions Engineer

Philadelphia, PA

Job Description

Ecosave, a multi-national leader in Energy Efficiency, is looking to fill three Energy Solution Engineer positions in our Philadelphia office. The selected Energy Solution Engineer will identify and calculate Energy and Water Conservation Measures within the built environment and selected industrial sites. Then lead the project management of projects including development of sales proposals, installation of measures and delivery of savings results and thereafter measure and verify the savings.

Ecosave Engineers work in a wide range of verticals, including commercial offices, hotels, retirement communities, hospitals, resorts, museums, schools and industrial sites. The position reports directly to the EVP of operations but interfaces regularly with the BDMs. Ecosave is a growth-focused, entrepreneurial organization.



Position Summary
The Energy Solutions Engineer works to identify and calculate energy and water conservation measures and development of sales proposals for commercial and industrial clients. Peer review and teamwork are employed to develop projects using a combination of engineering knowledge and experience, creative solutions, and thorough and comprehensive problem-solving abilities.


  • Conduct on-site assessments in prospect buildings then develop engineering solutions to calculate energy & water savings solutions (40%)
  • Prepare sales proposal content to describe these solutions (10%)
  • Define scope and pricing for the selected energy and conservation measures (15%)
  • Commissioning of all the installed solutions (15%)
  • Analyze all relevant data to validate the predicted savings as per IPMVP standards, ultimately responsible for the guaranteed energy savings (15%)
  • Continuous professional development (5%)


  • Holds at least a B.S. 4 year degree in electrical, mechanical, industrial
    engineering or equivalent.
  • Hold one or more technology and industry certifications (CEM, CEA, CMVP, LEED/AP etc.)
  • P.E certification preferred


  • Demonstrated experience in performing savings calculations for energy upgrades
  • Experienced in performing energy audits according to ASHRAE standards (ASHRAE Level 1, 2& 3 and IGA: Investment Grade Audits)
  • Advanced knowledge of energy modelling/best practice/codes (ASHRAE, IESNA, NEC etc.)
  • Experience in seeing projects through implementation
  • Technical experience with energy efficiency technologies


  • Analytical, conceptual, and problem-solving skills
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Ability to work effectively across a large geographic and diverse customer portfolio
  • Effective interpersonal skills to develop good working relationships
  • Demonstrated flair for sourcing and implementing new technology, up-to-date knowledge of energy efficiency technologies
  • Demonstrated performance working with solution providers to provide energy/utility performance improvements in commercial, industrial and health facilities
  • In-depth and advanced building services knowledge such as mechanical & HVAC, Building Automation System, electrical & lighting
  • Ability to travel and perform afterhours work on occasion when needed

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Environmental Services • 50+ employees • Founded 2002 • Privately Held

Ecosave is a multi-national and diverse energy efficiency company that reduces energy costs at midsized to larger commercial and industrial facilities and uses some of those guaranteed savings to upgrade or optimize a facility’s systems. We then overlay our world-class utility management and maintenance services to continually drive savings. We apply financial engineering concepts as creatively and as diversely as we do our energy engineering concepts, to provide truly innovative services.

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