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Senior Solar Developer

Philadelphia, PA

Job Description

This Senior Solar Developer position in Ecosave’s distributed generation business offers outstanding opportunities to individuals seeking an exciting work environment in one of the most important industries of our time. Join the Ecosave Generation Team at the ground level and help build and shape this new division of the Ecosave Group.

You should be capable of leading the development of 2 – 10MW Community Solar/CDG and BTM/FTM commercial scale solar PV systems from initial site suitability assessment through to NTP.






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Ecosave is a multi-national and diverse energy efficiency company that reduces energy costs at midsized to larger commercial and industrial facilities and uses some of those guaranteed savings to upgrade or optimize a facility’s systems. We then overlay our world-class utility management and maintenance services to continually drive savings. We apply financial engineering concepts as creatively and as diversely as we do our energy engineering concepts, to provide truly innovative services.

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