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What We Do

Ecosave will reduce your energy and water consumption through building upgrades and ongoing Energy Management services. We specialise in energy efficiency retrofit projects, Building Automation Systems and ongoing retro-commissioning. We save you money and we save you energy.

At a glance:

  • Reduce energy and water bills
  • Protect against price rises
  • Invest in cash flow positive facility upgrades
  • Save on maintenance costs
  • Offer visibility and control over consumption and costs
  • Reduce risk with savings and implementation guarantees

  • Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects

    Ecosave’s Guaranteed Energy Savings Project (GESP) extends and improves upon the standard ‘audit and install’ approach, to create a fully integrated, end-to-end service backed by a performance-based contract. Ecosave will manage the upgrade from start to finish and guarantee the implementation and all of the savings – features usually only found in large scale Energy Performance Contracts.

  • Energy Performance Contracts

    Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) is a low risk method of implementing energy and water efficiency projects across a single large property or portfolio of properties. The consumption savings proposed in an EPC are guaranteed for the full term of the contract, usually between seven and 15 years. The longer payback period and robust risk management enable larger energy and water infrastructure upgrades, plus installation of new plant and equipment, including onsite generation.

  • Funding

    Energy and water efficiency makes good sense, the economic business case stacks up. But capital is not always available to invest in projects that are not core business. Ecosave offers a range of funding solutions to help get your project up and running. Better still, the investment will be cash flow positive, enabling you to still make savings during the repayment stage.

  • Building Automation and Energy Management

    Ecosave Automation offers Building Automation Systems in new builds and retrofits. Our BAS can traverse your entire existing network, either wirelessly or wired. We design bespoke control sequences to automatically detect, diagnose and correct failures and energy wastage, saving you time and money. Support services include maintenance, reporting and utility bill management. For even greater, sustained savings our Energy Management service provides an Ecosave engineer to manage and monitor your consumption in real time, using our powerful and flexible web-based tool to continually identify opportunities to reduce your consumption.

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