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ecosave energy service agreement

Fund your energy saving building upgrades
– with positive cashflow from day one

The Ecosave Service Agreement is our flagship funding model – 
an off-balance sheet energy service agreement partially funded from the utility fees otherwise paid. With no upfront costs, this structure incentivizes Ecosave to over deliver on savings, driving your bills down even further.

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Cash positive, off balance sheet financing model

Ecosave specializes in performance-based energy efficiency building upgrades. We save you money by reducing your energy and water consumption, and you pay for it with the savings we deliver, reducing your operating expenses from day one, by funding the upgrades through an off-balance sheet energy service agreement with guaranteed savings.

Guaranteed Savings

Building upgrades with $0 outlay and no debt. As energy prices increase, your savings grow

Energy management & maintenance service

One point of contact, one contractor for the the whole project.

Contribute to ESG Goals

Do your part to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Pay for your building upgrades with your energy savings

Learn how you can achieve net zero with smart energy efficiency solutions and cash-positive funding model, all paid for with our Ecosave Energy Service Agreement.

How are the energy savings measured?

Measurement & Verification of the guaranteed savings is carried out in accordance with
the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards. 
This is the commonly used standard in the US to measure savings in government energy 
performance contracts. The over or under-delivered savings are calculated and reconciled 
annually at each anniversary of the contract.

Achieve net zero with no upfront costs
using Ecosave Energy Service Agreement

Speak to an expert about how we can maximize savings and minimize risks, making true energy efficiency financially-viable.

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