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Your energy savings pay for your building upgrades

No upfront cost with positive cash flow from day one. The Ecosave Services Agreement is our flagship funding model – an off-balance sheet service agreement partially funded from the utility fees otherwise paid. This structure incentivizes Ecosave to over-deliver on savings, driving your bills down even further.

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An off-balance sheet and performance-based model where payments are funded from sharing savings delivered

Ecosave specializes in performance-based energy efficiency building upgrades. We save you money by reducing your energy and water consumption through building upgrades and optimization, and you pay for it with part of the savings we deliver, reducing your operating expenses from day one, by funding the upgrades through an off-balance sheet service agreement and guaranteeing the savings.  

  • Building upgrades with $0 outlay and no debt
  • Guaranteed savings
  • Positive cash flow with savings greater than the service fee
  • Energy management & maintenance service for the life of the contract
  • One point of contact, one contractor for the whole project
  • As energy prices increase, your savings grow
  • Do your part to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Case Studies

Green energy generation and energy efficiency solutions

Smart Buildings

Our open and state-of-the-art building automation systems deliver high-performance smart buildings. We work alongside our clients to develop custom solutions that maximize comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and building systems reliability.


Decarbonize your building with clean, green energy solutions, including solar and battery storage, geothermal, co-generation and other renewable energy sources.

Energy Management Software

Our cloud-based building analytics and response software system, EcosaveWatch, constantly monitors building systems and energy usage, tracking assets, optimizing building operations, tracking utility bills, doing tenant billing, live Energy Star ratings, environmental tracking and many more carbon emission and energy-related tools.

How are the energy savings measured?

Measurement & Verification of the guaranteed savings is carried out in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards. This is the commonly used standard in the US to measure savings in government energy performance contracts. The over or under-delivered savings are calculated and reconciled annually at each anniversary of the contract.

Pay for your building upgrades with your savings

Learn how you can achieve net zero with smart energy efficiency solutions and cash-positive funding model