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Case Study


Building Infrastructure Upgrades for Growth & Savings

Arway Linen and Uniform Rentals is Philadelphia’s largest provider of linen and uniform services. The company has grown considerably since its founding in 1979, and now requires a larger facility and more complex machinery to accommodate their growth.

Arway’s mission has always included a commitment to green initiatives, which led to the Ecosave – Arway partnership in 2024. While initially Ecosave’s engineering efficiency services resonated with Arway’s sustainability mindset, Ecosave’s off-balance sheet, no-cash outlay funding model proved invaluable.

Arway’s new facility will decrease carbon and pollutant emissions and will also reduce energy consumption by 51% per year. With these savings, Arway can annually reinvest $3 million of infrastructure costs to address other business and growth initiatives.

The facility upgrades funded by Ecosave totaled over $16 million, and service payments will be paid by a portion of the energy savings. These upgrades include:

  • State-of-the-art, critical energy efficiency equipment to increase process competencies and reduce energy consumption
  • Industrial wastewater treatment technology and smart water valve to dramatically decrease pollutant concentration and sewer surcharge costs
  • AI-powered management and analytics to safeguard operations and proactively manage building systems

Project Details

Building Type
Industrial Facility
Energy Efficiency, Ecosave Services, EcosaveWatch
Philadelphia, PA

Project Results

$3M Savings Total Annual Savings
$16.6 Million Total Project Value Funded by Ecosave
51% Per Year Guaranteed Energy & Water Savings

Water Conservation

  • Smart Water Valve Installation enables water demand management with backflow prevention
  • Stabilize flow and maintain constant pressure to avoid air pockets throughout the facility

New Industrial Energy Efficiency Solutions

  • Modular steam boilers to optimize capacity, performance and demand management
  • Energy-efficient and low-maintenance industrial laundry dryers and ironers
  • State-of-the-art automation system to integrate washing, drying and ironing processes into a single management platform

AI and Analytics

  • Utility management and real-time data analysis to continuously monitor, track, predict and reduce energy consumption

New Wastewater Solutions:

  • Wastewater heat recovery system to reduce process water heating energy use
  • Wastewater treatment system with a Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit to manage pollutant concentration and guarantee compliance with local environmental standards

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