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Case Study


Construction site with crane

Ecosave and LCOR Partnership Wins Big with NY’s Community Heat Pump Pilot Program

Ecosave is proud to assist LCOR in their desire to create clean, sustainable, and renewable energy infrastructure in the new construction of their various mixed-use real estate properties.

The construction has commenced for the largest district geothermal ground-source heat pump project providing clean, renewable heating and cooling to a commercial retail and high-rise residential community in Brooklyn, New York. The facility will save over 60% of the energy consumption as compared to conventional HVAC systems for a residential high-rise in NYC as per local codes.

This project addresses New York State’s net-zero climate emissions goals and has thus been awarded 1.62 M funding in the first round of NY’s Community Heat Pump Pilot Program. The project will also potentially receive over 2.5 M in incentives from the utility clean heat program.

The project at 1515 Surf Ave/West 16th Street in Brooklyn’s famed Coney Island, will feature a community geothermal heat pump system designed to electrify and decarbonize the buildings’ heating, cooling, and domestic hot water systems, providing efficient, low-carbon heating and cooling to the 470,000 SF mixed-use complex. The development will be comprised of 463 residential apartments, 30% of which will be designated affordable housing. This all-electric high-performance residential complex eliminated over 12 MM BTU of fossil fuel boilers for building space heating and domestic hot water for the residents.

Project Details

Building Type
High Rise Residential
Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
High Rise Residential

Project Results

$7.2 M Total Contract Savings Total Savings
23,782 MT CO2 Saving over 20 Years Annual Energy Savings
20 YRS Service Contract Period

Geothermal Heat Exchange System

  • District Geothermal Heat Exchanger System including a geothermal well bore field with an estimated 157 wells of 500 feet depth, horizontal piping, and two piping manifolds (one in each building in the residential complex)

Heat Pump Domestic Water Heater

  • Energy efficient water source heat pumps in every apartment connected to the building loop powered by geothermal borefield
  • Electric CO2 Domestic Water heat pump heaters and storage system to provide 100% of the DHW needs of the building for the residents

WSHP ERV Rooftop Units

  • Energy Efficient Electric Heat Pump Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) Roof Top Units to efficiently heat the ventilation air needs of the residents

Building Automation System

  • A state of art cloud-based building automation system for the residential apartments and central plant for energy efficient optimized operation

Closed Circuit Cooler

  • For additional redundancy for the system a small-closed loop circuit cooler will be added for heat rejection from the geothermal loop

Ecosave Services

  • A web accessible utility and building monitoring system equipped with analytics and utility management will be provided. Ecosave and site personnel can use the system to monitor all equipment for optimal performance, identify maintenance concerns, and uncover additional energy savings opportunities

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