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Case Study

Sheraton Baltimore North

Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel

Sheraton Baltimore North engages Ecosave to reduce energy consumption by 38%, with no major upfront capex or debt.

Based in Philadelphia, GF Management is a prominent, full-service hospitality company that consistently delivers superior results through positive operating and financial performance.

Able to complement these objectives while building on successfully completed projects within the GF portfolio, Ecosave has once again delivered critical building upgrades and significant energy savings through an Ecosave Services Agreement at Sheraton Baltimore North.

Using measurable results, Ecosave has performed beyond the savings guaranteed to GF, dropping the hotel’s overall energy consumption by 38%! These results have enabled the hotel to fund the project out of realized savings, without requiring any major upfront capital expenditure or debt on the part of GF Management.


  • Replacement and redesign of old air handling units with new custom-designed air handlers that are optimally sized, energy efficient, modular and higher capacity
  • Refurbishment of 20 air handlers
  • Retrofit and refurbishment of over 600 light fixtures with the latest, long-lasting LED technology
  • Intelligent hood control system which will vary the flow of the exhaust and makeup air fans based on the kitchen cooking demand. This will save heating and cooling energy, and reduce equipment wear and tear from continuous operation
  • Implementation of a variable flow chilled water system to significantly save energy costs
  • Installation of an intelligent guest room control system for HVAC control in all 283 guest rooms. The control system will be integrated with the guest booking system to enable better guest experiences, efficient and discrete housekeeping, occupancy analytics, proactive equipment maintenance, and remote fault diagnostics – while saving energy and avoiding maintenance costs
  • Installation of new state-of-the-art Building Automation System (BAS) to save energy in all HVAC, tied together with a room control system
  • Installation of an ozone laundry system to significantly reduce hot water and electricity usage in the washers by reducing the cycle time and number of rinses required
  • Installation of an automatic retracting pool cover to reduce evaporative losses and save on pool water heating and natatorium dehumidification, as well as building maintenance costs
  • Comprehensive utility management and analytics software and comprehensive equipment services on an ongoing basis for the full term of the contract

Project Details

Building Type
Baltimore, MD
Building Automation, Ecosave Services, Energy Efficiency, Smart Buildings & EcosaveWatch

Project Results

$2.6 M Total Upgrade Value Funded by Ecosave
$399 K Annual Savings
38% Annual Energy Savings
16 YRS Service Contract Period


  • LED Lighting Upgrade
  • Lighting Controls


  • Responsive kitchen HVAC system
  • Replace three air handling units (AHUs)
  • AHU refurbishment including variable frequency drives (VFDs)
  • VFDs on pumps and fans
  • Refrigeration controls and motor upgrade
  • Guest room controls


  • Central DDC Building Automation System (BAS) upgrade & optimization
  • Ozone laundry system
  • Automated pool cover for safety and energy savings

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