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From square footage to type of building, every detail can influence your energy consumption. Give us a glimpse into your campus’s energy usage and we’ll show you where savings could be hiding. What would you do with the extra budget? 

This savings calculator has been provided by Ecosave and is intended to provide a general description of the possible savings that can be realized deploying Ecosave’s solutions. Actual savings may vary substantially depending on collected data regarding the configuration, geography, and subject weather conditions of your building(s). Ecosave accepts no liability with regards to the accuracy of the calculations and/or potential savings.

Your Energy Savings Results

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Reduce costs and carbon emissions with energy efficiency upgrades

College and University campuses have unique energy infrastructures with significant associated usage and costs. Energy efficiency projects not only offer substantial energy savings, but also align with students' values as they are increasingly considering sustainability practices when making application and attendance decisions.
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How Are the Energy Savings Measured?

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Measurement & Verification of the guaranteed savings is carried out in accordance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) standards. This is the commonly used standard in the US to measure savings in government energy performance contracts. The over or under-delivered savings are calculated and reconciled annually at each anniversary of the contract.

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Learn how you can achieve net zero with smart energy efficiency solutions and cash-positive funding model