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Renewable Energy Generation Systems

Reduce grid dependency and lower energy costs with renewable energy generation, tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Independently, or part of a greater energy efficiency solution, solar and geothermal renewable energy generation reduces utility costs by allowing for on-site generation – as well as reducing building carbon emissions, helping businesses qualify for green incentives.

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Solar panels on the roof of an office building

Solar, geothermal, co-generation, and storage solutions

For customers interested in resiliency and grid independence, Ecosave is well-positioned to develop renewable energy microgrids for customers in phases. In most cases, Ecosave initially helps customers reduce their onsite demand with their innovative range of bespoke energy efficiency and smart building solutions coupled with their data and AI-driven maintenance services. Solar and battery storage can then be added in phases 2 and 3,  installed with island-able capabilities, or retrofitted at a later time. And all of the solutions can be wrapped into an Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA) with no upfront costs, no debt and positive cash flow from day one. Effectively, Ecosave helps you reduce your energy consumption, increase your green energy generation and pay for it all from the savings you generate.

Wind turbines on top of a warehouse building

Renewable energy solutions - designed, monitored and maintained

Ecosave’s expert team of solar energy professionals will design your system to offset building load and reduce the energy used from the grid. For utilities that allow net metering, we will export excess energy back into the grid for additional savings, or pair your solar system with battery storage for use in the evening when the sun is not shining and is strategically used as a backup-critical load when there is a disruption to the grid power supply. 

Ecosave’s engineering and services team will ensure that the management and maintenance of your solutions are optimized using our industry-leading data-driven automation solution – EcosaveWatch. The near-real-time AI algorithms monitor hundreds of parameters to orchestrate the various solutions, to balance savings maximization with tenant comfort and system longevity. Our team will work alongside yours to meet your operational objectives and drive your corporate ESG and net-zero goals.

  • Bill reduction with onsite renewable energy generation for self-consumption
  • Demand management and flexibility with battery storage
  • Back up power to manage grid energy disruptions
  • Contribute to ESG goals by replacing brown electrons with green energy

Case Studies

Ecosave turnkey solutions

Positive Cashflow Financing + No upfront costs

No upfront capital and no debt. The Ecosave Services Agreement (ESA) is a fully off-balance sheet, cash-flow positive, energy-as-a-service model that allows our customers to update aging infrastructure and realize deep energy savings. We take money that you are currently paying to your utilities, divert some of it back to you to improve your P&L and use the rest of it to upgrade your facilities.

Energy Efficiency + Renewable Energy Solutions

We take a holistic approach to energy and infrastructure in the built and new build environments, offering financially-viable solutions that reduce energy usage - power, water, heat and more - and also provide innovative, green energy generation and storage solutions.

Smart Building Controls + Energy Management

Working alongside your team, Ecosave develops custom solutions that maximize indoor air quality, reliability and comfort. Our building analytics and response software system, EcosaveWatch, constantly monitors building systems and energy usage, tracking assets, optimizing building operations, and tracking utility bills to optimize the efficiency of your properties and drastically reduce energy usage.

Renewable energy generation frequently asked questions

Do you also offer guidance on renewable energy generation and storage?

We don’t just manage and reduce energy usage but also specialize in helping your building to decarbonize by using clean energy generation, including solar, battery storage and geothermal. Ecosave specialist engineers will help size your system as part of a package of solutions that will pay for themselves from the savings they generate. This means no upfront costs and a positive cash flow for you.

Save money, reduce operational risk and drive your net-zero goals with Ecosave