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Ecosave Watch

Understand and improve your building’s energy efficiency with Ecosave’s proprietary energy management platform.

Ecosave Watch provides highly accurate energy usage data across your portfolio of buildings, with recommendations from efficiency experts on how to make improvements to your energy infrastructure to reduce operational costs. Data from Ecosave Watch can also be used to prove compliance with local and state emissions regulations, avoiding fees and potentially accessing incentives.

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Automatically balance energy performance, occupancy comfort and on-site maintenance

Ecosave has drawn on many years of experience with building analytics, and hands-on Building Automation System (BAS) service experience, to develop the framework that drives EcosaveWatch.

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Monitor continuously across key parameters

The analytics engine analyses large quantities of data to predict ‘events’ across three main categories that combine to optimize building performance, impact a building’s energy use, the comfort of its occupants and maintenance of plant and equipment. Improving one aspect of building performance usually has a negative impact on the other two. EcosaveWatch monitors thousands of parameters across the ECMs, CMs and MMs. The algorithms continuously test combinations to optimize the balance needed to achieve the best overall building performance – improving your energy efficiency, reducing operating and maintenance costs and improving occupancy comfort.

  • Energy Savings (ECM)
  • Comfort Measures (CM) 
  • Maintenance Measures (MM)
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Transform your big data into actionable intelligence for maintenance optimization

EcosaveWatch’s analytics engine: Data-Driven Maintenance (DDM) uses complex algorithms to detect minor anomalies, faults or issues that may go undetected before or even during a general inspection. Addressing these anomalies and faults as they are detected can help prevent much larger and more costly maintenance issues in the future. In this way, EcosaveWatch, alongside our dedicated team of analysts, advisors and engineers, can help you implement a more data-driven and more flexible preventative maintenance regime – where maintenance efforts are targeted on potential problem areas as identified by system alerts.

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Ecosave turnkey solutions

Ecosave offers a holistic approach to energy efficiency services. With retrofit solutions enabled by best-in-class technologies from across the energy services landscape, you can maximize indoor air quality, building efficiency and reliability and decarbonize your building with clean energy solutions and battery storage. 

Do you offer energy management software or technology solutions?

Yes! EcosaveWatch is our advanced analytics and insights platform that monitors energy usage, tracks assets, optimizes building operation, and offers a suite of real-time dashboard services.

Learn how you can achieve net zero with our energy management software