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Financially-viable solutions, reducing energy consumption and saving money

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Over 20 years of energy efficiency experience, across 3,500 buildings

Over the last 20 years, Ecosave has worked across industries from Hospitals and Senior Living to Factories and Commercial Buildings, through Schools, Hotels and Residential Buildings.  We are proud to have reduced the carbon footprint for our clients, by over 1.2 million tonnes. However, we are most proud of having done so in ways that make it financially viable for our clients to meet their net-zero dreams, by ensuring that the operational savings they receive from the reduction in energy consumption, pays for the solutions we provide.

Who we work with

Building Owners & Investors

Achieve energy and cost savings across building portfolios


Helping real estate developers reach ESG goals

Facility Managers

Working alongside facility managers to maximize performance

Cash positive energy efficiency solutions, with no upfront investment

Over the past 10 years, Ecosave has developed its signature funding model with the help of one of the big four accounting and audit firms. Today, the Ecosave Services Agreement, allows our clients to fund their entire portfolio of solutions from the operational savings they make during the term of the contract. Furthermore, there is no upfront cost and positive cash flow. Our clients upgrade and add value to their buildings, actually saving money in the process. Finally, to mitigate the risk of implementing our turnkey solutions, Ecosave’s engineering-based and data-driven process allows us to guarantee those savings every year.

Save money. Help the planet. It’s a real win-win.

Once installed by our project engineering teams, we offer continuous monitoring optimized by EcosaveWatch, our state-of-the-art analytics platform. The energy efficiency and green energy solutions will offer increasing savings as energy prices continue to grow. If you think we sound more like a financial institution rather than an energy efficiency consultancy, you would have a point. However, our view is simple. If we can help our clients with the financial details, they are more likely to be able to meet their net-zero aspirations. By developing the right financial models, reducing risk and delivering operational savings, we are helping the planet, practically and pragmatically.

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Sustainability is our passion

Ecosave is proud to walk the talk. We are a company founded on strong environmental ethics, reflected not only in the work we do but also in our business practices. Our head office is in an Energy Star 100-rated building, with electric cars and chargers. When sourcing materials, we look for suppliers and products with environmental credentials so that our procurement is as sustainable as possible. And to minimize transport emissions and packaging waste, Ecosave schedules delivery of materials either directly to the client’s sites or in bulk to the Ecosave warehouse.

In an effort to double the positive environmental impact of every project we deliver, Ecosave donates one native seedling for EVERY ton of CO2-e emission the project saves.

Learn how you can achieve net zero with Ecosave