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Energy Efficiency Services

Dramatically reduce operating costs through guaranteed energy efficiency savings – all with no upfront capital or debt.

Ecosave’s engineering solutions are tailor-made to your business goals. Whether you are looking to reduce operating costs, renew legacy equipment, or cut carbon emissions energy efficiency services.

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Reduce building energy and water usage

Ecosave will reduce your energy and water consumption through building and process upgrades and ongoing Energy Management services. We specialize in energy efficiency retrofits and green energy generation projects, Building Automation Systems and ongoing retro-commissioning. Drawing on many years of experience with designing, building, and hands-on maintenance of energy efficiency in process and building systems, we have developed a data-driven practical framework to deliver guaranteed energy savings that will enhance your organization. Using real-time data and analytics, we reduce your operational costs and continuously optimize energy performance and occupancy comfort.

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Ecosave is your Net Zero partner

Our goal is always to get you Net Zero carbon or as close as possible in a financially viable way for your organization. The first step is always to eliminate consumption as much as possible. Step two is to generate your own green energy. Ongoing support services include maintenance, reporting and utility bill management. For even greater sustained savings our Energy Management service provides an Ecosave engineer to manage and monitor your consumption in real-time, using our powerful and flexible web-based tool to continually identify opportunities to reduce your consumption.

Cash positive energy efficiency upgrades

Ecosave has pioneered an innovative funding model designed to offer you a cash-positive, off-balance sheet model to fund your energy savings building upgrades, from the savings themselves. Ecosave Service Agreement (ESA) is a low-risk method of implementing energy and water efficiency projects across a single large property or portfolio of properties. The consumption savings proposed in an ESA are guaranteed for the full term of the contract, usually between seven and 15 years. And with EcosaveWatch, the energy efficiency services team will continuously optimize the savings and longevity of your buildings’ systems and plants. 


  • No upfront costs
  • Turnkey solutions with guaranteed installation outcomes
  • Cash-positive finance model
  • Guaranteed energy savings and world-class analytics-driven systems optimization
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Reduce project risk with Ecosave’s implementation guarantees

Ecosave guarantees the implementation phase including all of the proposed solutions – if a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix it and meet its performance guarantees. 

  • Proactive service and maintenance with alerts and advance warning of potential issues to reduce maintenance costs and optimize maintenance schedules
  • Continuous, real-time optimization with insights and reports on energy consumption and sustainability performance
  • Analyze, isolate and rectify power quality issues
  • Balance HVAC setpoints and LUX Levels for occupancy comfort
  • Upgrade your entire portfolio with ongoing specialist services to ensure your ratings are measured, maintained and improved over time

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How we deliver holistic, engineering based solutions

Free Assessments

Given certain criteria are met, Ecosave offers detailed, free energy/water savings opportunity assessments of your sites. And because we offer fixed-price projects with guaranteed savings, our proposals provide you with a water-tight business case.

Fully funded, fixed price proposals

Our proposals are a fixed, single fee for the entire project, with no hidden costs. We offer a range of funding options for our projects, from Finance to fully off-balance sheet Service Agreements.

Implementation warranty, with guaranteed savings

Ecosave guarantees implementation. If a solution fails or does not operate as intended, Ecosave will fix it to meet our performance guarantees. And the savings are guaranteed at our cost.

Holistic solutions for a net zero future

Our team of experts specialize in applying cutting-edge technologies and techniques to optimize and automate building management systems. We have deep experience in portfolio-level and site-specific building and process optimization projects and asset maintenance services. Ecosave works with you and your teams to service the integrated solutions that empower your transition to net zero.

How do you generate cost savings for your customers?

We produce guaranteed energy savings for commercial properties through a mix of infrastructure upgrades, equipment optimization, and ongoing commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance services. On average, our customers can reduce consumption by 25-50%, which can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Learn how you can achieve net zero with our energy efficiency services