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Energy Solutions for Building Owners & Investors

Maximize your portfolio’s potential by minimizing operational costs through energy efficiency upgrades.

Whether you own one building or a portfolio of building complexes, energy efficiency upgrades can significantly reduce operational costs. We partner with building and facility owners across market sectors, from healthcare to educational campuses, manufacturing plants and municipal energy grids, successfully delivering energy savings at over 3,500 sites worldwide.

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Achieve energy and cost savings across building portfolios

Property owners who are struggling with aging building systems can upgrade the equipment at their buildings while reducing operating expenses and avoiding capital expenditures.  Ecosave specializes in developing financially-viable energy conservation solutions and building infrastructure upgrades funded in a way that requires no upfront cost or debt but with positive cash flow. From energy and water efficiency, clean energy generation, smart building automation, utility management and environmental management, the engineering-led solutions are tailor-made for each individual property. The result – guaranteed savings, optimized energy performance and new building systems, all while meeting your ESG goals. 

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The Ecosave team has seamlessly upgraded and integrated the central utility plant at our facility. Our aged facility has been efficiently modernized with the immense energy savings paying for the considerable upgrades we have received. The cost to us has been nothing. Bravo Ecosave!

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Looking to update your building’s equipment? Why not do so in a way that’s energy efficient?

Our turnkey solutions reduce your energy-related operating costs by upgrading your building systems to create lasting environmental benefits and positive returns. Our customers typically experience a reduction in energy consumption of 25-50% and significant cost savings, all while adding value to their buildings by upgrading their key infrastructure using an innovative off-balance-sheet funding model. The result – the savings pay for the new equipment and you get additional savings in your bottom line.

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Holistic energy services for commercial real estate buildings

We partner with our clients on long-term energy projects that require no upfront investment, reduce energy consumption and generate guaranteed savings. We offer tailored solutions in energy efficiency, water efficiency, utility management, sustainability, environmental management, and project funding.

If you have questions, we have answers

Get answers to some of the most common questions about working with Ecosave, and our energy services.